Black Gold Stripe Living Room Rug Slip-Resistant Faux Leather Sole Dust Stain resistant Foal Feather Fabric 11mm Thickness AntibakteriyelRunner Carpet

Orders placed today estimated delivery 2022-05-27 to 2022-06-16.


Brand Name: Beenda

New Generation Living Room Carpet

Brenda Brand Special Production Products are Produced with 1st Quality.

It can be used comfortably in summer and winter thanks to the latex leather sole used in the lower sole.

Thanks to the leather sole, it is cold resistant and can be used in winter

It has a different effect from other thick carpets with its thin structure, it creates a refreshing effect in summer with its light structure.

You can use all our models at home, in the hotel, outside or in the bathroom if you want.

Our models are produced by providing decorative color harmony.

It is by produced Superior Factory in Turkey.

The best options are presented in terms of off) cz Diamond and price.

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