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Every home needs a table, be it a coffee table, an end table, a console table, a dining table or a garden table, all of them can be found with us in various sizes, sizes and colors, Max Unique chooses the best for you in terms of shape and quality first, and easy to find the perfect piece for the living room or room food or any room in the house. You can buy a coffee table or side table separately, or have a complete set of furniture suitable for the living room.


The coffee table is the center of attention in the center of the room, which everyone gathers around in the living room. The coffee table is now no longer just a wooden table in the traditional rectangular shape. Now the coffee table is characterized by its design and modernity, adding luxury and vitality to the home. In Max Unique store, you will find the idea, design, quality, cheapest price and after service Selling furniture for the modern home.

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