About us

The max unique store 

hello. welcome to max unique home decoration store

My wife and I founders of Max Unique. I have been an interior designer for more than 20 years. Home decor is our expertise in interior design, we are looking for everything that is unique for home decor from around the world and selling directly to you at an affordable price.         

we are lover of uniquely things.

specialize in the very best of contemporary home decor and accessories from around the world and newest trends in modern design, with products that bring beauty and comfort to your home.
To decorate your home is not to buy a piece or two or more from any store, there are all kinds of practical home decor tips and tricks.
before you can dive into the basics, it's important to get to grips with the gist first. What is the right home decor?
How should you deal with space, emptiness, How will you choose colors, materials and accessories??
What final look can you expect?
These are the questions to address before getting into any details, a simple example of where to hang a certain picture, or the wall on which the sofa should sit.
we help you answer them and provide 20 years of experience in design, drawings suitable for your home idea design..

and we carefully select the best unique products to meet every style.